Stick-It™ Green Resealable Adhesive Tabs - Pack of 100


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☺ Stick-It™ Adhesive Tabs securely seal the fold-over flap on collectible comic book & magazine bags and makes for a nice, clean appearance as opposed to that unsightly "Scotch Tape" look.

☺ Quickly becoming a collector favorite, Stick-It™ Adhesive Tabs are acid-free, removable, resealable, writable and come in a variety of colors - Clear, White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, and Blue.

☺ Removal of Stick-It™ Adhesive Tabs is clean and leaves no residue. Resealable makes access to your collectibles quick and easy. Writable permits specific information about the collectible to be annotated (grade, cost, purchase date, value, etc.).

☺ Stick-It Adhesive Tabs measure 1-1/2" in diameter and come conveniently packaged in multiple 5-Tab strips.

☺ Pack of 100 Stick-It™ Adhesive Tabs. Color = GREEN

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