Comic Book & Magazine Display Float Frame

Comic Book & Magazine Display Float Frame

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☺ The Comic Book Float Frame helps to turn your favorite comic books and magazines into works of wall art!

☺ Give your decor a unique look that will impress family and friends with this black float frame, which is ideal for displaying magazines, comics, art and more.

☺ Consists of two glass panes that hold your collectible item crating a sense that it is 'Floating' within the frame. No mats are needed, but can be custom made and used with this frame if desired.

☺ Please note: It's recommended to first place your comic inside a Mylar comic bag before displaying it in the Float Frame. Mylites by E. Gerber (recommended) are 2-mil thick Mylar bags that are 100% acid-free and archival safe. They protect your comic from harsh UV rays while providing a barrier between your collectible and the glass panes.

☺ The Float Frame's glass pane dimensions are 11" x 13". Comics and Magazines are not included.

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