Clear Double-Sided 100% Acid-Free Archival Tape - 1/4" x 36-Yards

E. Gerber

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☺ Clear, Double-Sided, Acid-Free Archival Tape from E. Gerber. Often the most overlooked element when seeking full acid-free protection for your valuable collectibles.

☺ Used by Archivists worldwide to encapsulate and secure their documents, comic books, magazines, and numerous other items.

☺ Securely seal the fold-over flap of E. Gerber's and BCW's brand of Mylar sleeves. Can also be used with any other brand Mylar bags as well, or with any application where Acid-Free tape is required. Presents a nice clean appearance while offering an acid-free archival solution. 

☺ Each roll measures 1/4" x 36-Yards. Depending on the length of tape used, a single roll can securely seal 300-400 comics!

☺ Sold individually.

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